• Shartai: my musical collaboration with Sharyn Divavox……..
  • Elektrolux: the music best described as Fusion, lots of horns 🙂 I rerecorded music from my band Electrolux (see the Legacy section) from the 70ies and made some new music in the same musical direction.
  • Tai-Yo: best described as Progrock. I’m a fan of bands such as Camel, Caravan, Soft Machine and a big Zappa fan. Also some rerecorded old Electrolux songs. The songs here will be on my first (vinyl) album, which is going to be called Grunn. That’s the nickname of my favourite city in Holland: Groningen 🙂 All the songs will have a connection with me living there in the 70ies and 80ies..
  • Tai-Yotone Stock: music for film and websites. Seeking collaboration with stockmusic sites.
  • Legacy: my activities with bands througout my life. Link to my Taiyomusic site, converting it to WordPress.

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